Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ara Mina sues Cristine Reyes for libel

Just when you thought nothing could beat Annabelle Rama’s feuds with Nadia Montenegro and Amalia Fuentes for sheer nastiness, here comes Ara Mina suing her sister Cristine Reyes for implicitly calling her a prostitute, among other unprintables.
Ara filed charges of libel and grave coercion against her younger half-sibling at the Quezon City fiscal’s office Wednesday afternoon.
Media reports have it that the root cause is a financial dispute over the payment for their mother’s house which, Ara alleged, caused Cristine to send her a series of vulgar text messages throughout Holy Week.
Ara, 32, whose legal name is Hazel Pascual Reyes, shed copious tears during a press interview in which she explained why she felt compelled to take legal action against Cristine, 23, whose full name is Ara Marie Cristine Reyes.
Ara claimed they shared in the payment of the property for which Cristine gave the down payment worth P1 million while Ara made installment payments totaling P3.2 milion.
The actress, whose father is former politician Chuck Mathay, said the deed of sale is in Cristine’s name.
Ara said Cristine wants her to pay for half of the down payment and has been badgering her to surrender her SUV in lieu of the P500,000.
The report also had Ara sharing some of the messages Cristine had sent her: “Kung ayaw niyo manggulo ako sa buhay niyo, bayaran utang niyo sa akin. Kung wala kayo pangbayad, ibigay niyo hinihingi ko.”
She revealed another text, which could form the crux of the libel case: “I’m sure ibebenta mo ‘yang laspag mong katawan na pinagsawaan na ng lahat. Daig pa aso sa sobrang kati.
Cristine’s manager, Veronique del Rosario, declined to comment until she and Cristine have received a copy of the lawsuit.
Ara said this is not the first time she and Cristine had a serious feud, but she brought the matter to the court this time to “teach her a lesson.”

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